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Karate gi/ Karate suit

Budoworldshop is an online platform compiled with high-quality martial arts products, including our karate gi. The composition originated from years of experience within the industry, in order to be able to put together the best karate gi. Budoworldshop is working 24/7 on optimizing the martial arts articles and the range of the highest quality karate gi.

For whom?

The karate packs of Budoworldshop are made for the practitioner who sets high on the suit. We are very fond of the quality of our karate suits to make them as possible for our customers. These are the durable quality products that last a long time. They are ideal suits, if you are longer in the sport, but also want to make a good start. Our assortment also goes through to young people and we have children's suits.


Our range also includes different karate styles. When purchasing a karate suit you can take into account the karate style you are practicing. We sell Kyokushinkai, Shinkyokushin and AIKO Ashihara II karate packs. These karate styles do not apply to children's suits.

  • Kyokushinkai is, like other karate styles, an originally Japanese martial art. The inventor of this style is Masutatsu Oyama. Karate itself is a Chinese martial arts-derived martial art, dies in Okinawa and later in Japan has been further developed.
  • The Shinkyokushin Karate is an authentic originally Japanese martial art. This power karate or full contact style originated from the Kyokushinkai Karate of Mas Oyama. In addition to endurance training, the practitioners also carry out basic techniques (kihon), style forms (kata) and practice fights (kumite). Proper practice promises an above average control of your body, your thinking and your skills. Especially the intensive nature of the training.
  • Ashihara karate is a modern full contact street karate developed from Kyokushin karate by Hideyuki Ashihara with Boxing, Muay Thai and Jujutsu with an emphasis on Sabaki. The style is revolutionary as it is only focused on practical application in a real fight, including multiple attackers, a street style, with all techniques effective in a real fight against an attacker or multiple attackers of any size. Sabaki is using footwork and techniques to turn an opponent's power and momentum against them and to reposition oneself to the opponent's "blind" spot.

Budoworldshop karate gi!

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