Super Pro Super Pro Water-Air Punchbag 150cm Black
Super Pro Water-Air Punchbag 150cm Black €139,95 €149,95

Super Pro Water-Air Punchbag 150cm Black

€149,95 €139,95
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Super Pro Water-Air Punchbag

The Water-Air Punchingbag HOME looks like a normal punching bag. However, the Water-Air Punchingbag HOME really stands out. Maybe that is not directly visible on the outside, but certainly on the inside and a lot more when you hit it. This unique punching bag is filled with water and air. We call it the “Water-Air Punchingbag HOME”. We are happy to explain why we market this product and what advantages this product has. Please note, the photo shows a cross-section of the punching bag. The punching bag looks like a normal blue punching bag. World champion Rico Verhoeven about the Super Pro Water-Air Punchbag: "This punching bag is great for training and approaches a lifelike impact through the water filling much more. The impact on your joints is also much less due to the good cushioning. Because the punching bag is so is stable, it is always in the right position to practice my techniques perfectly. " Why Because we have been producing regular punching bags for decades, we naturally have a lot of knowledge of these products and the industry. With the feedback we receive from the market, we always try to explore new possibilities and innovate existing products. We started researching two topics, particularly from home use and companies that are aimed at the end consumer; the high transport costs for punching bags and the hardness of the punching bag. After more than 4 years of researching, testing, improving and manufacturing, we have developed a product that will EN reduce transport costs AND whose hardness can be determined BY YOURSELF. Construction The Water-Air Punchingbag HOME is made up of three components; a high quality outer pocket, on the inside a thick, water-filled compartment and an air compartment in the middle. The advantage of the regular exterior is that it is extremely strong and has been produced and tested by us for years. That is why this Water-Air Punchingbag HOME has a very long life. We also offer a 1-year warranty on production errors. The advantage of the water compartment is that you only have to fill the punching bag with water at home. This makes transport very easy. The punching bag is packed in a practical box, which is easy to transport to and from the store and the home user. It is easy to get your purchase at home, both online and through a physical store. Water ensures an even distribution in the Water-Air Punchingbag HOME, so the punching bag has the same hardness everywhere. The water also ensures the correct weight, so that the punching bag remains very stable during training. The bumping against water also gives a lifelike feeling, because the body also consists of 70% moisture. What we should certainly not forget is that the impact of a punch or kick on the Water-Air Punchingbag HOME is absorbed much more gradually, so the risk of injuries to joints such as the wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee and ankle is much lower. . By using an air compartment, the user can determine the hardness of the punching bag. By means of the supplied pump and handy valve, you can determine the hardness of the air compartment yourself. The harder the air compartment is inflated, the harder the punching bag. The Water-Air Punchingbag HOME always has the desired hardness. Super Pro Combat Gear has been known for its exceptional quality since 1978. This is because no concessions are made in material choice and comfort. The products are constantly developed by leading trainers and world champions. They know better than anyone what requirements the products must meet.

Super Pro Water-Air Punchbag

- Easy shipping -> Cost savings -> Less CO2 emissions - Can be filled with water at home -> even distribution and hardness - Air compartment -> Determine the ideal hardness yourself - Water compartment -> Lifelike training - More user-friendly for joints -> Less risk of injuries

Available sizes

The Water-Air Punchingbag HOME is currently available in 2 sizes: - 100 cm high with a diameter of 35 cm. This punching bag will reach a weight of about 30 kg when filled with water. This size is suitable for children and adults who only want to hit the punching bag. A sturdy punching bag with a good weight. - 150 cm high with a diameter of 35 cm. Filled with water, this punching bag will reach a weight of approximately 50 kg. This size is suitable for children and adults who want to kick and punch against the punching bag. Due to the weight and length, it remains stable.

Private Label options

It goes without saying that we offer this product with private label options. We then print the Water-Air Punchingbag HOME with your own name and / or logo. This ensures excellent visibility and increases the awareness of your brand or name. Ask our sales team about the minimum order quantity and the options for your logo.


We give a 1-year warranty on production errors on our products. With this product, boxing gloves and shin guards of a solid quality should be used at all times. The punching bag should be prevented from being hit with sharp or hard objects such as rings, shoes and metal or wooden objects.

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